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We’re excited to introduce a sneak peek of a “smart” new tool for EPN publishers. The Smart Links tool enables you to quickly turn multiple existing eBay links on a page into trackable links, eliminating the need to manually generate EPN links for each.

This tool is available now by following the instructions below and will be live in the ... Read more


We’re excited to announce that eBay recently launched an all-new destination for a curated selection of furniture, contemporary design, fine arts and antiques. Whether your visitors are working on minor home touch-ups or a full-blown extreme makeover, eBay Collective includes world-class inventory for an elevated shopping experience.

Direct your site’s users to shop the collection, which includes seating, tables... Read more


In the latest episode of EPN TV, John Toskey talks about getting a jumpstart on maximizing your efforts this holiday season.

Some publishers start planning as early as the summer, while others wait until a few weeks before the holiday. We polled Insiders, and 65 percent said that eBay sales and EPN commissions peak during the holidays, which means now ... Read more


Are you running a successful blog or website with a large audience? Do you have a strong social media presence with a dedicated following? Our partners know that affiliate marketing can be a great way to monetize your efforts.

If you’re new to affiliate marketing or just getting started with EPN, check out this recording of our Affiliate Marketing 101 ... Read more

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In the third post in this series, we’re sharing stories about how some of our partners got into affiliate marketing. We asked members of our Insiders community how and why they began, how they got up to speed, and what they wish they’d known then. Here’s what they had to say:

“I didn’t set out to be an internet ... Read more


Researchers now claim that (thanks to technology) our attention span is about 8 seconds long – apparently shorter than that of a goldfish. This puts bloggers in a particularly tough spot with no time to spare and no fluff content to be tolerated. What does this mean? Simply put, you need more snackable content. You know, those small, bite-size nuggets ... Read more


We know how important it is for you to have access to simple reporting that helps you optimize your affiliate marketing activities. Today we’re announcing several enhancements to your performance reports that will do just that. These include:

  • Cleaned-up headers, clarified labels and hover content to make metrics quick and easy to view
  • The addition of several important metrics, such
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Hyper Local Marketing

Monetizing your small, up-and-coming blog is a time-consuming and challenging process. Riddled with choices along the way, the path to monetization may seem anything but straightforward. But in 2016, many businesses and aspiring entrepreneurs are discovering hyper-local marketing tactics as a means to garnering local support and carving out a niche.

While hyper-local marketing is not truly a novel practice, ... Read more

Optimizing Social Media word cloud

The world of social analytics and metrics gets a little bigger each day. You probably already know that analytics are integral to the way we structure content marketing strategies. Analytics can also help us get to know our audience. Social media traffic provides a valuable opportunity to observe engagement through the advanced analysis tools modern technology offers. So how do ... Read more


While our Full Downloadable Feeds offer access to thousands of item-level listings, we understand that this list can be hard to sift through. That’s why we have introduced a new field in these feeds to help you identify and display the items that have the best chance of converting.

This new indicator provides a way to help you optimize your ... Read more