Chatting with eBay Partner Network – Episode 16

This week on “Chatting with eBay Partner Network” Ivka Adam is talking to Product Manager Oliver Cockcroft about improvements to eBay’s Mobile Web. With an emphasis on improved user experience on smartphones and other touch screen devices, Mobile Web features higher resolution images, support for multiple images, Daily Deal integration, and more available data around Seller info and Seller items.

Currently Mobile Web is only available in the United States, but will be launching in Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, France and Denmark in the near future. Until then, international sites will continue to be supported by a WAP version of the eBay site.

You can get a detailed breakdown of what’s new in eBay Mobile Web by clicking here.

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  • Wayne John

    Great episode, keep up the great videos!

  • Scott

    Thanks Wayne John! Appreciate you taking time to comment.

    eBay Partner Network Team

  • jim

    Nice to see the mobile getting started. Hope to implement it into my model. Keep up the good work

  • Scott

    Thanks Jim! We’re pretty excited about it too. Stay tuned. :)

    eBay Partner Network Team

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