Custom Banner Enhancements

We’re always cooking up new enhancements behind the scenes here at eBay Partner Network, and today we are happy to announce that Custom Banner now supports Custom Sizes for the HTML format! Similar to the Flash format, you can now select the exact size of your Custom Banner when using the HTML format. Pretty cool, right?

We’ve customized it for Father’s Day to illustrate the look and feel and some of the new functionality:

We’ve also made a few other improvements that will allow you to further refine the search results that are displayed in your Custom Banner:

  • Specify up to 3 categories, anywhere in the category structure
  • Expand your search to look for keywords in both the title and description of an item
  • Filter for items that offer PayPal
  • Filter for items within a certain distance of a specified zip code

Your feedback makes a difference, so please continue to let us know what you think of Custom Banner and the ways you think we can continue to improve it.

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  • Joe

    How about adding a zip code field to the right of the search box to allow the end user to enter their zip code and search radius

  • Tao

    How about making it geo-target!

  • Sam

    Great enhancements. One feature that I would like to see with custom banners is geo-targeting as my site has visitors from a lot of different countries.

  • Wayne John

    I’m still hoping to see a mapping on the new RSS changes. Feeling like it’s just being ignored.

  • Scott

    Thanks everyone for the comments and suggestions.

    For the zip code, great suggestion, and we will be looking into ways to promote or search for local inventory.

    Some geo-targeting capabilities are in the works and we should have updates this summer.

    For the RSS changes – we’ve heard this request a from few people – I promise we’re not ignoring it, :) We are working on some additional documentation. Also, remember that the new RSS Feed is available and all new parameters can be seen in the ePN portal.

    Thanks for the comments Joe, Tao, Sam and Wayne John!


  • Wayne John

    Awesome Scott, thanks for supplying the first update on that topic that I’ve seen from anyone at eBay.

    It’s not so much the new parameters that I need, as they are easily found by flipping through various options in the generator. It’s the old parameters that I’m more concerned with as we are unable to determine what they were as that tool is now gone. If both were available, I wouldn’t be requesting the mapping! haha But, at this point I have no clue how to map some items found in the old tool to the new parameter.

    Thanks again for responding, I appreciate it. It seems that around here, we ask a lot of questions and many times we are ignored, and it seems pretty blatant as the questions are valid. At least, they are to us.

  • websie

    You can geo target the banners with the R.O.Eye code here

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