ePN Affiliates Day

Later this week the eBay Partner Network Team will be gathering in San Francisco with a handful/group of our publishers for what we’ve termed Affiliates Day. Affiliates Day is something we’ve done for many years now, the purpose of which is to work in-depth with a variety of affiliates across multiple categories, business models, and lengths of tenure to collaborate on some of ePN’s current projects and offerings.

Who was invited to Affiliates Day?

Some of you may be wondering how we’ve decided which publishers to invite to these events. Please understand that our goal has never been to exclude anyone. Instead, each year we look at our current stable of initiatives and upcoming rollouts, and invite those affiliates that we feel could bring the most valuable contributions to the table at that particular time. Next year we will likely have an entirely different set of initiatives that may require a vastly different crop of publisher. If this is something you’d be interested in participating in, please do send us a note, but know that we can only afford to invite a small number of publishers each year.

We look forward to the event this week, as we have some exciting things planned for the year ahead that we’re anxious to get feedback on. In addition, we find that these events are great ways for us to get direct feedback on what’s currently working and what isn’t from those of you who are on the front lines.

Of course, we realize that it isn’t just those who are able to attend Affiliates Day who have feedback for us. We welcome your (constructive) thoughts and ideas through the various channels we’ve made available for these (email, forums, etc.). And in the meantime, we’d like to say thank you to all of you for your continued partnership with us. We value your contributions to our program and are thrilled to have the opportunity to work with all of you. We look forward to sharing some of the key takeaways from Affiliates Day with you over the coming weeks and months!

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  • Paul

    The title is affiliates day. Will the reports and results of these affiliate days be available to all affiliates or will it just be for those lucky few who are invited?. in which case it would be super-affiliates day. I think that it woukld e awesome if EPN can select out a representative sample who can speak for us all but not really of much use if it’s only aimed at Super affiliates and if only they can take advantage of it? I understand the logistical diffculties of physically getting people together but reporting from ‘our day’ to all affiliates on the EPN blog or in an email just takes the push of a button

    Just wondering will there be a European event also? I’m not on my own over here :)

    Thanks for the good work & recognising the value (& money) that small affiliates bring


  • http://ebaypartnernetworkblog.com Scott Parent

    Hi Paul,

    I’m not sure exactly what we’ll be sharing at this point, but hopefully we’ll be able to craft a summary about any general themes we encountered. We’ll certainly share anything that emerges that we think is helpful for the group.

    Thanks for your comment. We value all of our affiliates – big and small. :)


  • B. Murphy

    I’d honestly love to see some statistics about ePN and affiliates. I have no idea if my numbers qualify me for big or small. Some statistics could motivate me to push harder in certain areas, catch up with the big dogs.


  • http://ebaypartnernetworkblog.com Scott Parent

    B. Murphy – I’m not sure what we are able to share. As you can imagine there are reasons we can’t disclose individual publisher earnings within the program. It would be a violation of their privacy. I will look and see if there is some sort of general publisher data that we can share at some point.

    Remember though – the invite list for Affiliates Day was not determined by being the biggest pubs. We had a cross-sampling of all shapes and sizes. You don’t have to be the biggest to be a valued member of our program. :)


  • helios825

    B. Murphy:

    Along those lines, an interesting tidbit that Chad Wehrmaker (head of ePN) shared during one of his ‘Chatting with ePN’ videos last year was this: “Our top 1,000 affiliates earn on average $100,000 a year.” (I think ePN has also stated they have about 100,000 affiliates total.)

    Frankly, I’m still wow’ed by that stat. …Anyhow, hear it for yourself here on the ePN blog – just search for Episode 5 and listen to Chad’s “Stat of the Day” at the end of the video. (Or view it on Vimeo: http://vimeo.com/15177240 )


    PS Moreover, at the end of Episode 11, Chad quotes some interesting stats about how much ePN’s Quality Click Pricing positively affected large chunks of publishers before/after the transition.

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