Michael J. Fox Takes us Back to the Future

When I was a kid I was a huge fan of the “Back to the Future” movie franchise. The way each movie took us from the Old West to the gadget-filled future was an amazing experience for me as a kid. In short, Michael J. Fox was one of the most iconic figures from my childhood and still holds a special place in my 80’s-filled heart. So, imagine my delight when I learned about eBay’s collaboration with Nike and Mr. Marty McFly himself to auction off his legendary “Back to the Future” kicks.

“We wanted to translate the excitement people have for the ‘greatest shoe never made’ and for Back to the Future into positive action,” said Mark Parker, Nike CEO, who was on the Back to the Future II set in 1988 when Fox donned the original NIKE MAG shoes. “But the long-term objective is to raise awareness to help the Foundation achieve their goal of eradicating Parkinson’s disease.”

Additionally, Michael J. Fox stopped by David Letterman’s show last week to discuss the project:

For 10 days (September 8-18th) we will auction off 150 pairs of 2011 Nike Mag sneakers each day (the shoes that were featured in the second film).

As a publisher this is an amazing opportunity to promote something fun, rare and collectible. Whether you’re a footwear aficionado, a lover of 80’s memorabilia or a film buff, this is the type of promotion that appeals to a broad swath of shoppers. Plus, it benefits the Michael J. Fox Foundation – the largest private funder of Parkinson’s research. Win-win, right?

We hope you’ll get in on this exciting auction. Keep in mind that these auctions refresh daily which means the bidding starts anew each day. If you’re interested in being sent a complete set of creative assets, email us at: eBayPartnerNetwork@eBay.com. Please feel free to leave any comments or questions below and we’ll do our best to answer them.

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  • Ryan

    Awesome! I just did a story on them.

  • helios825

    I’m not sure how long this’s been going on, but I now see that there’s already a shorthand used in eBay titles for Back to the Future merchandise – “BTTF”. I wonder if that suggests an avid niche/following/cult/etc…

    I haven’t seen those movies in so darn long; maybe it’s time to check ‘em out again.

  • WebJustice911

    That’s great :)

    Announcements like this are more useful in the past than in the present or the future. We are usually being notified after the promo starts. That means we won’t put much effort into promoting it because most of the time we already have things scheduled and the promo is already partly over. I see Nike is promoting this late too, but they registered the domain in May. Surely there was some media advance on this? With some advance notice we could promo it early and help build the buzz to help out the Fox Foundation.

    A promo feed might be useful too. Like the daily deals XML/RSS feeds, but containing special event items. (and empty when there aren’t any) Then we could set up some conditional space that would activate automatically when events go live.

  • http://ebaypartnernetworkblog.com Scott Parent

    helios825 – There is a definitely a cult following around the BTTF movies. People definitely geek out about this stuff.

  • http://ebaypartnernetworkblog.com Scott Parent

    WebJustice911 – I can totally appreciate what you’re saying on this. With such a short window it can be tough to plan around a limited time promotion like this one. Unfortunately, announcements like this are locked down pretty tight due to the high-profile nature and the other companies involved. There was no way to get advanced notice to pubs on this one.

    A promo feed is an interesting idea…

  • LTD Investments

    Scott, not being early to announce is one thing but to post to the blog after 1pm (eastern) the day after the promotion starts of 10 days length is a little late also.

  • http://ebaypartnernetworkblog.com Scott Parent

    LTD Investments – I hear what you are saying, but we all answer to someone and this was the absolute earliest we could get this live. Originally it was slated to go live on 9/12 and we pushed to get it out earlier.

    I’m just saying – we do the best we can.

  • LTD Investments

    Scott – So they wanted to wait even longer? Might be the reason that some things aren’t working out for eBay. That’s like me waiting until Dec 12th to build out for Christmas traffic……..

    I too like the idea of a promo feed.

  • http://ebaypartnernetworkblog.com Scott Parent

    LTD Investments – The point I hope you take away from this exchange is that while ePN doesn’t get to make all the decisions that happen at eBay , we do fight for our publishers every day and do our best to get you the assets and information you need as soon as possible. Could things improve? Absolutely, but we’re working really hard to make things happen.


  • LTD Investments

    Thanks Scott. Now let’s get that promo feed…. :-)

  • WebJustice911

    Scott, we all have to deal with this sort of stuff. Pushback on whoever is making those sorts of decisions is all we can ask for. That includes Nike.

    The Star Wars campaign would be a prime example, they are doing a nice ramp-up online and in stores. A Star Wars promo is playing on in-store TV sets nationwide now.

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