INFOGRAPHIC: Data Collection From Those Who Use eBay, Those Who Don’t

As Publishers we understand that the right data about our audience can make all the difference in the world when it comes to maximizing revenue. Today, eBay released an infographic from newly acquired, Hunch. It illustrates the differences between those that have used eBay an those that have not not. The results are compelling.

There is a tremendous amount of information in this graphic – how will you use it to market your business differently? What are your key takeaways? We’d love to get your comments below.

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  • harmjan

    I am glad to see that the ‘have used ebay’ column perfectly fits my targeted audience of highly (and expensive) collectibles. Since I don’t focus on new stuff, this isn’t a surprise and thats why I’ll always try to focus on (extreme) niches. That takes more time but I think it’ll get more difficult to get (rewarded!) attention if you mainly focus on mainstream, and new items like iPods and cell phones. If I had to build a website around fashion for example, it would be something like a highly targeted website with only 1950s clothing to immediately get the right audience. And thats the audience that fits in the 1st column because those people tend to experiment more, try out new things -> buy things they really like and are willing to spend some money. I am always aiming for quality audience, not quantity.

  • Michelle

    It would be interesting to see an infographic on Amazon shoppers vs eBay shoppers. Not sure if I missed something, but this seems to be a comparison between online shoppers vs non-online shoppers.

  • Scott Parent

    @harmjam – Agree that there is something to be said for having a loyal quality-based audience rather than a large fickle group of site visitors.

  • Scott Parent

    @Michelle – this is not a comparison between online and offline, but instead people that have used eBay specifically in the past and those that have not.

  • mike

    It would be great if this infographic was done w/ readable text. White letters on a yellow background is hard to read and a rookie design mistake.

  • WebJustice911

    It’s unprintable too. And attacking the audience in the footer isn’t always the best move.

  • WebJustice911

    Posted this earlier I thought, but don’t see it here:

    Looks like Hunch’s data all comes from web users, so the results would be 100% online users and no offline users…correct?

  • Scott Parent

    @WebJustice911 – attack the audience? Where do you see that? As far as Hunch’s data, I assume it’s online users, but I’m not positive.

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