New Creative Assets Live by January 15th!

A while back eBay introduced a new logo and a refreshed approach to our overall customer experience. We know that many of you have been waiting patiently to get your hands on the new creative assets with our new logo. We’ve started to roll those out across the network and I’m happy to announce that by January 15th, we expect that work to be complete across all creative types and sizes.

The most heavily used creative assets will be updated automatically on our system and pushed down to your pages – requiring no additional effort on your part. Our team has methodically looked at existing banners and tried to update them with comparable new creative under our current brand guidelines. If we could not replicate old creative in a meaningful fashion, it will be left “as is” and will require action on your part.

On January 15th you should check to see if new creative has been pushed down to all of the pages on your sites. If not, you’ll need to login to the portal and select new creative for any pages containing eBay banners that were not automatically updated with the new logo.

We are asking publishers to complete this process by February 28, 2013. After that point, we will pull old creative from the portal and it will no longer be accessible. After the cut-off date, anyone with that code on their site will no longer be served assets.

Please note: If you are part of any of the European ePN Programs, no action is required on your part. This message pertains only to those in the North American Program.

We’ve tried to make this transition as easy as possible for our partners and we’re looking forward to getting everyone updated to the new look of eBay! If you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments below.

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  • ltdinvestments

    Would be nice if we get a list of the creatives that will die on March 1st….. instead of having to test every page….

  • OBVAVirtualAssistant

    Great achievement. Lets hope everything will work out well there will be some perks no doubt about it but overall a good effort.

  • Scott Parent / ePN

    I’m told the vast majority of assets will be updated automatically. Checking your pages is just a safeguard against any problems that may occur during the transition.

  • ltdinvestments

    Yes I know that, but with a list of the ones that I do have to work on would be a better use of time (some of us have tons of sites). Why not make it easier for your partners as the ones that need to be worked on. If there are ones not completed by your team when I check and I spend the time to correct that creative then it’s later updated, then I’ve wasted time. Is it so hard publish a list? eBay came out with the new logo 3 months ago and it’s taken your team that much longer than the eBay team to implement it (I know that you seem to have been blindsided by that) but some of us are one man/woman and we have at most 1 1/2 month to make any changes to our sites. I say at most as you say you expect all of your work to be done.

  • Scott Parent / ePN

    I understand your point, but unfortunately there is no list available. Anything that doesn’t have a replacement will be swapped out with a logo so that nothing will go dark.

  • Bill Cox

    Hi Scott,

    I just checked, and custom banners I made less than a month ago have not inherited the new logo. Based on what I’ve been reading, I presumed that most of our existing creatives were going to inherit the new logo? I see in the Tools section that if I want to make new custom banners the new ebay logo is shown there.

    Also, I see that Editor Kits have also not inherited the new logo. However if I go to create a new Editor Kit it still shows the old logo. So does that mean you wont be supporting Editor Kits after Feb 28? Or is that not yet updated in the Tools section yet?



  • Mike Kansa

    For some reason the new logo banners appear to have a black background in Chrome and FF (didn’t check other browsers). However when implemented, they have a white background. The black background preview doesn’t look so hot and will likely deter publishers from implementing on their sites. I’m guessing you guys are aware of this, just wanted to point it out.

  • Scott Parent / ePN

    Hi Mike – thanks for the feedback. We are aware of it and are looking into a fix.

  • Scott Parent / ePN

    Hi Bill,

    Nice to hear from you. The Editor Kit will not be updated with new eBay creative. They will still continue to function after the February 28th cut-off date on legacy creative. We are trying to get Custom Banner to the same functionality level as EK and will hopefully get there soon.

  • ClickimusPrime

    This file appears to be EK specific. Can’t you just replace this image file (and other sizes that might be out there) and be done?

  • Guest

    How about setting up a code converter for us. I mean really. This is a huge task for some of us.

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