ePN TV: Introducing Chris Worthy, European Operations Manager


We are pleased to introduce ePN Europe Operations Manager, Chris Worthy. Chris is a tech enthusiast who joined eBay two months ago, and brings with him a keen grasp and understanding of the affiliate market. He is currently working on the development and growth of the mobile and social media landscapes of ePN and he discusses the significant opportunities that both present to partners. (For your viewing pleasure, we’ve included some pretty funny bloopers at the end!)

“Mobile is a massive opportunity for our publishers. We’ve seen huge growth through mobile.”

Please join us in welcoming Chris to the global eBay Partner Network Family!

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  • thetravelsteve

    Chris is one of the good guys. Both him and Richard W. at R.O.Eye
    were a great help and encouragement to me as an affiliate during the QCP
    years. Wishful thinking perhaps, but I’m hoping Chris will remain as
    contactable, reasonable and “on the side” of affiliates as he was at

  • Harmjan

    Absolutely agree with thetravelsteve, I also had excellent help, advise and encouragement from Chris.

  • Joe

    Yes totally agree, Chris and Rich were both very useful for my business.
    Congrats on the new job Chris!
    And Steve, random, fancy seeing you here!
    Joe Price

  • Elton

    I agree. I’ve dealt with Chris for a few years now. He seemed to identify me as having potential, way back when I wasn’t really sure what I was doing. That faith gave me the confidence to really move forward as an affiliate and I’m grateful for that. Good luck, Chris.

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