Increase your Earnings with a 25% Collectibles Bonus Promotion this April


We are excited to announce that we will be hosting a Collectibles category bonus promotion for the US Program.

To be eligible for this promotion, there are two sets of criteria: (1) You need to have generated at least $10 in Collectibles merchandise sales in January 2014. (2) You must drive a higher Winning Bid Revenue (WBR) amount in Collectibles in the categories below for the month of April 2014 than you drove in January 2014. Bonus payouts will be calculated based on 25% of the increase in eligible Winning Bid Revenue (WBR) in the Collectibles category.

  • Art (550)
  • Antiques (20081)
  • Collectibles (1)
  • Coins & Paper Money (11116)
  • Dolls & Bears (237)
  • Entertainment Mem (45100)
  • Pottery & Glass (870)
  • Sports Mem (66482)
  • Stamps (260)
  • Toys & Hobbies (220)

You can find your WBR in the Transaction Download Report under the “Amount” column.

Example 1: Eligible Partner

WBR January WBR April WBR Eligible for Bonus Bonus Payout
$2,000 $3,000 $1,000 $250 ($1,000*25%)


In this example, the partner drove $2,000 in WBR in January and $3,000 in April. A 25% bonus is calculated on the portion of WBR eligible for a bonus – meaning the partner will be receiving an additional $250 bonus payout.

Example 2: Non-Eligible Partner

WBR January WBR April WBR Eligible for Bonus Bonus Payout
$2,000 $1,900 $0 $0


In this example, the partner only drove $1,900 in WBR in April. Because WBR in April did not exceed the amount of WBR driven in January, this partner would not qualify for a bonus.

In order to participate in this bonus promotion, you must opt-in by April 5th by clicking on the opt-in link below. You will be redirected to a secure form to input the name and email associated with your ePN account. Once you see the “thank you” landing page you have successfully opted in.

Click here to opt in for the bonus promotion

We’re excited to be able to offer this bonus opportunity for the Collectibles category. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us via our Contact Us form or by emailing, and we will be happy to assist you. Thank you for your continued partnership in our program.

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  • doughboy

    When it says Collectibles (1) does this mean only the parent category, or do all of the subcategories count towards the parent?

  • helios825

    I think we can assume it’s all subcategories under the top-level category as well. (After all, an item can’t actually be listed in a non-leaf category like Collectibles/1 itself.)

  • doughboy

    I would assume so…but I never received my invitation email and the bulk of my business is Collectibles (comics). Was just confirming this is not related.

    Also, I had WBR in 7 of the above categories. Does each category stand on its own? Does each category need to be above $10 to qualify to start?

    For instance I had Art – $.43 and Coins – $11.90. Does this mean that if I increase it to $.50 and $12.00 respectively I will earn a bonus on both? Or does Art not count because it is below $10. Or does it mean that I need to sum up the WBR for all categories and I earn a bonus on the total… So in the above if I earn more than $12.33 I get a bonus, even if say Art is now $0.

    It also states “Bonus payouts will be calculated based on 25% of the increase in eligible Winning Bid Revenue (WBR) in the Collectibles category.” Since there is literally a “Collectibles” category does this mean just an increase in that, or is this grouping all of the categories into “Collectibles”?

    So many questions.

  • helios825

    Ah, good points. Hopefully we’ll get some detailed clarification soon. While I’m making the assumption everything gets bundled together for the calculations, I could certainly be wrong.

  • thisismyepnid

    They had a promotion a few years ago where they combined multiple categories under a parent “meta category.” In that case, it was as helio has described: all of the individual categories were bundled together and considered as if they were in one big meta-category. It’s probably fairly safe to assume that’s what they’re doing again.

  • Scott Parent / ePN

    Sorry for the confusion. The overarching ‘parent’ category is ‘Collectibles’. Within this parent category, there are many meta categories, including a meta category that is also called ‘Collectibles’. In order to receive a bonus, you need to drive a higher WBR in the Collectibles parent category overall (which includes the meta categories listed in the promotion opt-in post) in April versus January. You need not drive a higher WBR in each separate meta category, but in the Collectibles parent category in total.

    Hopefully this clears things up.

  • doughboy

    Thanks Scott

  • doughboy

    I have one more question. With the new chargeback process being 30 days, does this mean that we need to wait until the end of May to calculate any bonus? For instance say I qualify for a bonus and I get my bonus earnings, but then some transactions from the end of the month are reversed I would assume the bonus would be adjusted as well?

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    Love promotions.

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