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A couple of weeks ago our SEO resource, Jordan Koene, appeared on ePN TV to educate Publishers on what Google’s Penguin update means to them. This week, Saquib Pasha, our Marketplace Liaison, has asked Jordan to dig a little deeper on what you can do to properly audit the content and links on your websites.

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Over the last few weeks, one of the biggest trends we’ve been seeing on Twitter, the blog and in the forums is the impact that Google’s Penguin Update has had on Publishers’ websites. This week Saquib Pasha sat down with eBay’s SEO Samurai, Jordan Koene, on ePN TV to dig deeper.

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This week we’re joined once again by our friend, Jordan Koene. Jordan’s part of eBay’s SEO team and we find it helpful to bring him in from time to time to discuss some of the more pressing SEO issues of the day. This week Jordan’s a multi-part question from ePN Publisher harmjamh:

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This week on ePN TV, eBay’s SEO Samurai, Jordan Koene, continues our SEO series talking about the importance of external linking strategies. In particular Jordan focuses on three areas: authority linking, content development and foundational linking.

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Every month we pour through the blog metrics to see what types of content resonates with our readers. SEO consistently ranks up there as some of your favorite content – and that makes a lot of sense. After all, proper SEO can make all the difference in the world in helping your business vault to the next level.

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Last week SEO Expert, Jordan Koene, talked to Ivka Adam about what eBay is doing on the SEO-front to make sure we’re staying competitive across the spectrum of search engines. This week Jordan is shifting his focus from eBay to a typical publisher site and providing tips for better SEO.

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If you have a website or a blog you probably know that proper SEO is one of the single biggest things you can do to drive more traffic to your online business. In this week’s video segment, Ivka Adam is chatting with SEO Guru, Jordan Koene, about eBay’s approach to working with search engines and why it’s such a driving ... Read more


The key to building a successful and sustainable affiliate program is to build and continuously improve your website as a destination that is useful to your visitors. Think of your website as your front door and your welcoming party. What should you think about when making improvements to provide the best possible first impression and overall user experience? We’ve collected ... Read more

Building inbound links is an important part of increasing your search rank within Google. Sure, the Panda and Penguin updates have muddied the waters a little bit, but most agree that quality inbound links will still benefit your ranking. SEOmoz does these great videos called “Whiteboard Fridays” where they share tips about best practices for Search Engine Optimization. This week ... Read more