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So your users are clicking on your eBay links – a vital step on the way to purchase – terrific! But what happens after the click? What is the optimal eBay landing page to direct your traffic to in order to close the deal?

There are many destinations on eBay, and while one destination may convert well for one partner’s ... Read more


We added two new values to the Transaction Download Report in June that allow partners to identify the type of eBay buyers they are attracting and also see the earnings for each transaction. These new values are called “User Frequency ID” and “Earnings”.

“User Frequency ID” (previously an unused field) gives insight into three types of eBay users:


Users who
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eBay Partner Network provides a wealth of information through our reporting interface. The Summary Reports allow you to view data in a number of different ways and even dynamically create graphs against two different axes. Reports can be viewed across various timeframes by campaign, tool or program, and even by traffic type (mobile vs. classic). Summary Reports include valuable data ... Read more


One of the most exciting policy changes that we’ve made in 2013 is the removal of domain validation. This requirement had been in place to ensure that a publisher owned the domain that hosted an ePN tracking link, ideally ensuring a higher quality network. But there are unintended consequences to this policy, which have kept our publishers from promoting ... Read more