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Our goal is to pay publishers as early as we can while taking into account all of the internal requirements for a successful payment cycle. Beginning in 2013, in response to publisher feedback, we committed to paying publishers by the 22nd rather than the 25th of every month, whenever possible. Though we’ve done a fair job of adhering ... Read more


On March 3, eBay Partner Network put in place a change that extends the current transaction adjustments window from seven to 30 days and which will be visible to publishers starting in April.

As you know, ePN earnings are based on Winning Bid Revenue (WBR), which is the amount eBay earns when customers make purchases. WBR consists of seller fees ... Read more


In the next week, we’ll be making updates to resolve a few technical issues that some of you have experienced recently.

We are aware that some publishers have had issues with the RSS feeds widget not allowing French and Italian language users to complete the form. The feeds are not affected, and manually editing previous RSS feed code can be ... Read more


Shortly before midnight, Pacific Time on Thursday, August 22 through 6:00 am, Friday, August 23, 2013 PST, several eBay sites and customer service platforms around the world experienced intermittent outages. This was a result of technical issues which occurred during regularly scheduled maintenance (See here for more detail).

After giving the issue serious thought, ePN has decided to make up ... Read more


It’s been said that technologies can be good or bad depending on how they’re used.  In recent years, there’s been a proliferation of software applications (e.g., toolbars, custom browsers, mobile apps) designed to enhance users’ shopping experiences and that, in turn, drive traffic to networks like ePN.  Although these applications are often innovative, sometimes they’re designed in ways that don’t ... Read more


Managing cash flow is one of the toughest challenges faced by businesses of all sizes.  Many a gray hair has been hard-earned by business owners working to ensure that they have enough cash coming in to pay their bills and invest back into their business. At eBay Partner Network, we understand and empathize with these challenges.

In the past, ePN ... Read more

man's foot about to slip on banana peel

Like other affiliate networks, eBay Partner Network (ePN) has a set of rules and policies that govern how publishers are expected to work within our network.  We encourage publishers to promote eBay on their sites and send traffic to eBay but to do so in a spirit consistent with eBay’s values, avoiding any behavior that runs counter to those values.... Read more


March is upon us, and with it comes many things, including March Madness, St. Patrick’s Day, and, depending on where you live, early signs of Spring.  But March is also important for U.S. businesses and individuals as it’s the last full month before U.S. income tax returns are due on April 15.

Consequently, many of you are already working on ... Read more