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John Toskey, Director, eBay Partner Network, recently sat down to share insights into what our team has been working on lately. In this video, he speaks about the latest program introductions and improvements.

Many partners are already using the Promotions and Sales Portal, which launched last winter, to find the best promotions, events and deals across eBay. Over the ... Read more


In this episode of ePN TV, John Toskey talks with host Tien Huang about recent initiatives to help improve partner successes, as well as what the team will be focusing on in upcoming months.

John first mentions that partners have been using Twitter and Facebook to drive affiliate traffic, discovering that social media is a great way to attract a ... Read more


In the latest episode of ePN TV, host Tien Huang welcomes back Liz Morris from the Program Optimization team. Liz (literally) raps about top opportunities for partners as we head into the holiday season.

Many eBay resources are already in full swing for the holidays, including the Holiday Gifting Hub. This one-stop source for everything holiday includes gifting ideas ... Read more



From time to time, we like to take a deeper look into what our publishers are up to, going behind the scenes to share how they’re working with eBay Partner Network to build their businesses. We recently sat down with Howard Schaffer, Vice President of Partner Development for, a coupon and deals website. launched in 2009 to ... Read more


In our latest installment of ePN TV, Brian Marcus, Director of eBay Partner Network, delves into mobile with Olivier Ropars, Senior Director of Global Internet Marketing at eBay.

Olivier has an extensive background in mobile at eBay, and he discusses how the company has really focused on mobile innovations over the past six years, propelling eBay to become a ... Read more


We’re excited to welcome back Liz Morris to ePN TV! In this episode, Liz shares what the Program Optimization Team have been doing to deliver the latest eBay deals, sales and events to publishers.

Liz mentions that ePN bonus promotions often require publishers to opt-in before participating, which helps us provide more compensation to partners who make dedicated efforts to ... Read more


In our latest episode of ePN TV, we’d like to introduce you to Olivier Ropars, Senior Director, Global Internet Marketing at eBay. Olivier joined the team earlier this year, having previously led eBay’s mobile efforts for the European markets.

In this video, Brian Marcus, Director, Global eBay Partner Network, chats with Olivier about his new role at eBay. Olivier discusses ... Read more


In this episode of ePN TV, Erin Stoner, Global Customer Support Manager at eBay Partner Network, talks about some of the most common customer support questions as well as how you can most efficiently work with her team to get issues resolved in a timely manner.

At the forefront of customer service for ePN, Erin is on top of all ... Read more


In this episode of ePN TV, Liz Morris, Program Strategist with eBay Partner Network’s Optimization Team, talks about how partners can use promotional sales and events to boost earnings.

In the past year alone, Liz notes that ePN publishers participated in more than 250 promotions. Here she discusses how the Optimization Team gives publishers access to a wide variety of ... Read more


We’re excited to introduce Peter Hoeftberger, eBay Partner Network’s Senior Manager of Operations and Communications for Europe. Peter has been with eBay for seven years – much of it with ePN. In this episode of ePN TV, Peter discusses how the program began and how it has evolved to remain on the cutting edge of the ecommerce landscape. Peter also ... Read more