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A few days ago it came to our attention that some partners were having difficulty utilizing eBay site RSS feeds in an affiliate capacity. After taking a closer look at the issue, our team determined that these legacy feeds should not be used for this purpose. Additionally, the ability to create new feeds using this process was removed from the ... Read more


It’s no surprise that smartphone use has been rapidly climbing over the past few years, with about a quarter of the global population now owning at least one mobile device (source). And mobile ecommerce is following the same trajectory, with 22 percent of web traffic and 18 percent of ecommerce sales now delivered through mobile devices (source... Read more


As part of the 2014 Spring Seller Update, eBay will release category, item specifics and catalog updates, with the goal of increasing item visibility, eliminating redundancies and improving the overall shopping experience on eBay.

Beginning the week of April 7, the following updates will be made within the categories listed below, most of which involve adding, combining and renaming meta-categories.

... Read more


As many of you know, from time to time eBay updates its categories in order improve the customer experience. This week several category changes went into effect. We’ve outlined all changes below, and you’ll see that most involve the addition of new meta-categories, as well as a few category name changes and one newly combined category.

If you’re using Category ... Read more


The API (Application Programming Interface) is one of the most powerful ePN tools available. Not only does it give you access to all of eBay’s inventory, but it also enables you to customize listings to optimize your campaigns and improve your conversion rates.

The API allows publishers with deeper programming knowledge to fully customize the user experience, while considerably enhancing ... Read more


In the next week, we’ll be making updates to resolve a few technical issues that some of you have experienced recently.

We are aware that some publishers have had issues with the RSS feeds widget not allowing French and Italian language users to complete the form. The feeds are not affected, and manually editing previous RSS feed code can be ... Read more

As we’ve previously announced, eBay is deprecating wildcard queries from search, including web and mobile search, saved searches, and API calls to search. We’ve been working with our Product Team to create documentation around best practices and how you can best move your business forward.

Wildcard queries include an asterisk (*)  with their keyword search: The asterisk is intended to ... Read more

UPDATE 10/26/12: We have heard your concerns on this issue and have been working across various teams to find some measure of relief for those affected by the deprecation of wildcard searches. That said, we have been able to push back the deprecation date of wildcard searches until November 5th. We hope that this will give affected publishers more time

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If you’ve been with eBay Partner Network for a period of time, you know that sometimes eBay updates categories as part of the seasonal Seller Releases. On Monday, September 10th the latest changes will go into effect. These changes will affect those publishers that put Category IDs in Custom Banner, RSS feeds, Link Generator or any widget that ... Read more

A few weeks back we did an episode of ePN TV highlighting the new Daily Deals feed. What we overlooked in that piece was the limitation of not being able to add a campaign ID to the feed. For obvious reasons this meant the new functionality, while impressive, was of little use to ePN Publishers.

As a result, one of ... Read more