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Do you know anyone still flipping through basic television channels and sorting through piles of DVDs for something to watch? Well, it’s time to upgrade to a digital media streamer! Media streamers make it simpler than ever to stream entertainment from services such as Hulu Plus, Amazon Instant, Netflix and Pandora straight to your TV.

eBay offers the largest ... Read more


The enhanced mobile visitor experience is now live globally! This new experience was developed to help you boost conversion rates for your mobile visitors.

Mobile visitors who click through to an item listing page and already have the eBay app installed are now automatically directed to view the listing in the app. Visitors who don’t have the app installed receive ... Read more


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PerformanceIN: Affiliate Marketing is the Most Demanded Skill Among Digital Marketers

Affiliate marketing topped SEM, PPC and mobile marketing as the skill that digital marketers would most like to sharpen, according to a report from Smart Insights. PerformanceIN ... Read more


Please see below for information on an upcoming eBay Partner Network (ePN) requirement for publishers who advertise in Germany.

What is the Requirement?

Many publishers in Germany are already familiar with German base price (“Grundpreis”) rules associated with the German law “Preisangabenverordnung“. One of the law’s requirements is that certain items, when advertised with a price by a professional dealer ... Read more


In this episode of ePN TV, John Toskey talks about eBay Deals and the huge opportunity they create for publishers. Promoting eBay Deals is a great way to grab the attention of new and reactivated buyers, which in turn will help you increase your earnings.

eBay Deals are updated daily across all categories. Not only do they include free shipping, ... Read more


A few times a year, eBay announces changes to its item category structure in order to improve the buying, selling and search experience.

The Fall update is scheduled for October 12 in AT, AU, BENL, CA, CAFR, CH, DE, ES, FR, IE, IT, Motors, NL, RU, UK and US. It includes category and item-specific updates across the following categories:

  • Baby
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eBay has spent the past two decades growing a community that creates opportunities for buyers, sellers and partners across the globe. This month, eBay celebrates its 20th anniversary, and we wanted to take this opportunity to look at some of the highlights over the years:

1995: Founder Pierre Omidyar makes eBay’s first sale: a broken laser pointer, which ... Read more


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Bargain Buys For Busy Mums: 10 ... Read more


An effective website that successfully attracts and converts customers doesn’t happen by accident. Many publishers will tell you they owe their success to testing and optimization, yet for many others, the practice remains uncharted territory.

To help publishers better understand and invest in successfully converting customers, eBay Partner Network teamed up with Optimizely to share insights and best practices into ... Read more


As you may have heard, eBay is celebrating its 20th anniversary this month! Over the past two decades, eBay has become a globally recognized household name and continues to serve as a trustworthy platform for buyers, sellers and partners.

To celebrate this milestone, eBay launched 20 Days of Deals, which showcases Daily Deals from a variety of long-time sellers. ... Read more